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Mar 14, 2014

Day 5 – Soaring

Teacher: Adrian Dillon

Class : 7.30 pm – 9pm  (Candlelit yoga)

Today I got the yoga high. Before I started the challenge I did 12 classes in 20 days and… nada. But tonight it hit me. I can’t describe it well – delicious happy tiredness, peace?  Anyway it’s one hell of an afterglow.

Tonight in camel pose Adrian made us hold it for longer than usual. Just before the end I felt a huge surge of emotion and sprung out. It definitely wasn’t happiness. It was so intense it almost made me let out a sob. But it wasn’t sadness either. The sensation wasn’t attached to a sad or negative thought, but it was so strong and real!  I always think of emotions as being in my head along with my thoughts but I have heard teachers talk about the stomach harbouring feelings. Something was definitely going on. I’m going to look into the postures more. The sense of wellbeing I get from Bikram makes me certain that it is good for me. But at the moment I can’t scientifically explain why that’s the case. It is kind of odd for me to go and do the postures day after day, not knowing why it is that we do those ones in particular.  

Candlelit Bikram was really cool. When I looked for myself in the mirror all I could see was a white flickering entity. No face. No eyes. It was liberating.  During parts of the standing series I felt a bit like a pterodactyl.  

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